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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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"In my day ..." we had to trudge to the library, look things up in the card catalog, and make copies of pages for ten cents each.
When I was a kid we actually had to copy stuff by hand, because there weren't any "XEROX" machines. None. Zero, zip, nada.
You had to copy stuff by writing it down with pencils? We used to dream of having pencils! We had to prick our fingers and write everything in our own blood!

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In some respects our tastes are formed in our formative years. So for example someone growing up in the 1980's might prefer music from that decade and think some of today's music is manufactued rubbish with the winner of this years X Factor. That isn't to say they will dislike all music from the current era.
I think that, regardless of the time in which one's tastes were formed, one can be flexible in judging and appreciating new music -- up to a point. When you reach a certain age, all the latest music sucks.
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