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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

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The dates in Mr. Scott's Guide are based on those in the 1980 Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology by Stan and Fred Goldstein. That dating system was considered official at the time, and used in the novels of the era as well as FASA's Trek RPG.
Yes, I remember that. I have quite a few books from that RPG. Gosh, I miss FASA.

It was in the early 90's when TNG was huge, that the Okuda's Star Trek Chronology was released, which moved around all the dates, rendering the prior book obsolete.
That's not entirely true. In Star Trek II McCoy brings Kirk a bottle of Romulan ale which is dated 2283, so even back then the dating in FASA and Scott's Guide were wrong.
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