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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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Woah. Some potential/theoretical DS9 HD footage...
Now that's amazing. If an amateur can cobble that together in a few hours of free time then surely CBS-D can do it? All that talk about how CGI battles are far too expensive and far too complicated and far too time consuming is just total rubbish.
I get the impression it's not just some amateur.
I wasn't trying to be disrespecful to the artist who made that clip. My point is if someone can create something like that by themselves without commercial backing it can't be all that hard for a large company that specialises in that sort of thing. The story so far has always been that remastering a show like DS9 or VOY would be prohibitively difficult with regard to complex CGI such as space battles. If one guy can do it in his spare time without pay or help (beyond borrowing a few models) then surely CBS-D can do it too?
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