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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Treatment of women. Sorry, but I don't like a sexist Starfleet, or your idea that a woman who isn't pretty can't have a future. Plus writing that one line "They're like animals" to describe a green skinned woman dancing to music is just bad.
You're looking at a story written in 1964 through the prism of 21st-century sensibilities. To audiences of the time, and I daresay even to many people today, it's quite understandable that Vina, with her crippled and deformed body, would prefer to stay on Talos IV where she could have the illusion of youth and beauty.

As for the Orion dance scene, IIRC, a line was cut before the pilot was shown to NBC -- something like "every now and then a man comes along who can tame one of them." So it could have been worse!
Plus for all we know the Talosians medical stuff was the only thing keeping her alive seeing as she said they put her back together wrong.

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And they never explained why the Talosians couldn't simply read Vina's mind (they were extremely powerful telepaths, after all. And Vina was unconscious, not dead! So she still had a mind to read) to find out what a human being looked like. OR, for that matter, they could have just scanned the Columbia's computer banks!
That assumes Vina had the necessary anatomy knowledge that they needed and/or the Columbia's computers weren't reduced to junk by the crash.
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... and then used their power of illusion to let her see herself the way she originally was.
Spock: "SS Columbia. It disappeared in that region approximately eighteen years ago."

Haskins: "This is Vina. Her parents are dead. She was born almost as we crashed."

Susan Oliver was thirty-two years when The Cage started production. But when we first see her character, she is supposed to appear to the landing party to be eighteen (with respect, she didn't).

Number One: "There was a Vina listed on that expedition as an adult crewman."

Did the appearance of Vina, the appearance she wanted look like, look at all like the "original" Vina? In the first Matrix movie, they used the term residual self image. It's the way individuals tend to think of their own physical appearance. Especially during times when they can't actually see themselves. Vina's image of herself (assuming the Talosians let her choose it) was of a blonde, blue eyed, slim, small breasted, beautiful young woman.

But did Vina ever look like this?

I agree with Jeryl. TOS was so sexist. Simply having women in the programme was not equality and the lengths of their "skirts" was ridiculous.

I thought that Vina was trying to look as she used? Younger but slim, blonde, pretty? At least that's the impression I got looking at it. She kept the same image all throughout the show except when she was green and "like an animal".

Didn't like that she felt she had to remain on the planet just because she had been in an accident.

A. Why couldn't they fix her
B. Looks aren't supposed to matter in Star trek

Gene Roddenberry was such a chauvinist.
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