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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Polly want some spoilers?

This all takes place sometime in the second half of Season Two, probably some time around 213-215ish.

Ellen, Billy, Dualla and Apollo are taken hostage by someone named Sesha (and others).

They want Sharon. They want to kill her because of what the Cylons did (The war).

Apollo is wounded (seriously) at some point. (Dualla cares for him...more on this relationship bit in the other thread)

Adama sends the dead Boomer (from the morgue) to Sesha.

Dead boomer is brought there by Marines disgused as medics (or maybe they went there as an agreement to help Apollo)

Sesha, figures out that it's the dead Boomer.

The Marines pull out their hidden guns.

A firefight breaks out.

Billy is shot in the back (sounded serious... he might be dead)

Sesha is killed..( I think)

Adama comes in, gets medics for Apollo.

Apollo wakes up on Galactica, with Dualla by his side.

Nifty. :thumbsup:

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