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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

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I believe only externally, because it could be that various parts of the ship's interior spaceframe (or hidden skeleton) consist of reused original support frame members that were mated with new ones. Many of the interior bulkheads and deck plates could also have been retained, but repainted and refurbished to match the ship's new aesthetics.
Yeah, but then the "neck" isn't of the same length, the engineering section is of a different shape and the saucer is both wider and narrower. That's quite a structural change.
Which doesn't mean anything if the redesigned spaceframe still consists of original components. That's what I said earlier by "original frame members that were mated with new ones." It'd just be a form of recycling, which probably will still be a practice used in the 23rd-Century.
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