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New Member my take on Startrek

Ok Just a bit of background on me IM 25 British.

First started watching star trek at age 6! What hooked me was seeing Generations at the cinema. First Start rek Series was TNG. Started watching it from mid series 4. It was Startrek that made be work to become a scientist (even if it was in biology ).

Of course by now I have watched every episode of EVERY series mostly 3 or 4 times over!

List of Favourite series has to be:

DS9: Hands down its my favourite. Its a case of you have a great utopian civilisation, now defend it. Its it sends the deepest message about star trek. Yes you can be a super advanced utopian but there will still be people out there that will threaten it. There are some things you cant control even with super advanced technology. It also says allot about starfleet. That they have got luckily. The whole reason that for 200 years there have had the luxury of focusing on exploration rather than military matters is pure blind luck. Though I think the from the wrath of Khan through to Undiscovered country it showed a more militarised starfleet prepared for war with klingons that was avoided by the fact there main source of resources blew up. But the since then starfleet got complacent. DS9 gave a good insight into everyday life in the federation rather than just life on a shiny new flagship.

TNG from series 5+ : These had some of the best episodes. I loved the exploration and really loved the in depth episodes that covered the Klingons and Romulans it was good seeing them and there culture expanded.

Enterprise 4 series: The 4th series was excellent I loved it and could equal the 5+ TNG episodes. If they had started with this level of quality it would never have been cancelled!

Voyager: It was good entertainment but was very meh...they missed so many opportunities with this series. For starters for a ship stranded 75,000 form a starfleet base it was too clean and sterile. And for a crew thrown together from highly trained starfleet personal and basically terrorists everyone got along too well. Voyager should have been given to Ronald D Moore. Still I think January was a good captain and loved the Doctor and his quest for sentience and Tuvok I liked seeing a proper full blooded Vulcan.

TOS: Ok its started startrek but its pretty dated and its hard taking it seriously when my mobile phone look more advanced. Still for a 60's program it did well with what it had.

Enterprise series 1-3: Ok series 1 was not too bad for a starting trek series, intact it was stronger than TNG and DS9 but series 2 was forgettable and series 3? was that even startrek? It seemed to be action for the sake of action! Hell even JJ Abraham had more reason for the action than Enterprise series 3. And all the time travel crap, just stop please! I want to watch space exploration! If I want time travel I will watch doctor WHO !

TNG Series 1 and 2: O my goodness I have never seen such cringe worth TV watching! The acting is atrocious! And the storylines rubbish or just badly implemented. I feel sorry for Will wheton, his character could have been interesting but the way they wrote him in made me want to punch him as bad as I want to punch Justin Beiber. But then most the characters where so badly written they were more like robots than humans, hell DATA was more human at times! And at times its crossed the line between Sci Fi and fantasy.

As For Films:
Wrath of Khan: What there not to like? Perfect films and love the atmosphere of that era.
Undiscovered Country: same as the above and a ZERO G firefight! And the battle at the end was awesome!
First Contact: Good solid film. The CGI seemed a little fake at times but it was a fast pace good film. They missed some good opportunities like its a shame Sisko was not in it. Would have been brilliant seeing the two captions, both dealing with there scars from the borg in different ways. You would have Picard crying and smashing his conference room up with sisko just going crazy and being right down there with the security teams bashing borg hand to can only dream though.....
Into Darkness: It was a fun alternate take on wrath of Khan and had a pretty good story line.
Search for spock: Was a fun adventure but did get a bit tedious at times.
Voyage home: Funny and a good watch but very Meh.
StarTrek X: Hmmm I don't think JJ Abraham's had to go down the alternate timeline route at least in such a dramatic way. And there are so many plot holes like why the hell did they give a cadet command of a starship? But hey it was fun.
Nemesis: Very Meh and a bit action heavy with thin plot line
Insurrection: same as Nemesis.
The motion Picture: Like watching paint dry..... I mean half of it was just watching them fly around the Enterprise in shuttle (did they have to prove it was no longer attached to visible strings ) and the rest was just watching flashing lights and music.... The story line was so simple it was non existent.
Startrek V: If The motion picture was like watching paint dry this was like pulling finger nails. Kirk verses God? Talk about a shattner ego trip.

And I will add I HATE holideck episodes! I hate them with a passion.
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