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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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Heck no.

I don't think I would enjoy that at all (although NuBSG was not a bad show).

How do you have a United Federation of Planets without aliens?
ýmy idea is to set star trek thousands of years in the feature:

earth colonies many world, then there were wars for the independence of the colonies, a space middle age, with lost of technology and knowledge. The eart will be discriminate for its past of oppression and submit to occupation by one or more of indipendent colonies.

I begin a serie here: the colonie/colonies which occupy earth allow to earth people to explore the space, but gradually, and finally with a long rage exploration ship. It'll be a rebbot of Star trek enterprise.
Sounds like it could be interesting, but it doesn't sound like Star Trek. Maybe it's a Firefly reboot.
My thoughts exactly. I wouldn't mind seeing a show more Firefly-esque show, maybe even a sequel series set in the same universe, or just something in the same vein.

Given that our space travel hasn't improved much since the lunar landings, relatively speaking, I think realistically, even Enterprise was very optimistic about having the technology they did and ability to travel as far as they did.

If a series like this was based in the 23rd century where FTL travel had just been discovered and only in use for like 20 years, and Earth was just starting to venture out into other solar systems and only a handful of habitable and colonize-able planets have been discovered, that might be more realistic. Maybe some planets could even have ruins of an alien civilization, but they died out millions of years prior, and aren't in the show.

One of the things I liked about both Firefly and Babylon 5, or even the game Colony Wars is the concept of an oppressive Earth government forcing its will on Earth colonies far away, and colonies uniting together to break away from Earth's control, thus paralleling what happened with the US and other nations in the Americas. Could be nice material for some allegories to our daily lives.
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