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Re: Moore/Behr Interview: Studio wanted to get rid of Bashir/Move Stat

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I'm certainly glad they resisted the temptation to "make it more like TNG" and that Godawful idea about putting engines on the side of the station. Maybe the Defiant was a compromise? An ability for the series to tell more rampantly "Star Trek" type stories with a ship while not selling out the concept of DS9 itself being stationary.
I remember when I read that DS9 was getting its own starship, my reaction was, "Oh, God, they're f***cking caving in!" The idea that the show was boring because "they don't go anywhere" was the most common criticism of the show, and by far the stupidest. Yeah, that's why CHEERS didn't work, because the bar wasn't flying off in space somewhere. Or 99.999% of all TV shows which every existed which don't "go anywhere." The whole idea of the Defiant felt like a not-so-veiled attempt to placate the morons who thought the show had to "go" somewhere.

However, had I known that Paramount had wanted the station to go blasting off with rockets pretending to be a starship, I would have thought, "Defiant? Yeah, I can deal with that."
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