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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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Here's one weird observation: when the Tardis crash-landed on Trenzalore, one of the window panes cracked, as the Doctor duly noted upon exiting. This exact same window pane crack appears on the large future dead Tardis when Vastra looks up after first waking up on Trenzalore. Kind of strange; wouldn't that get repaired somehow between now and the Tardis' future (which I assume would be hundreds or thousands of years long)? Was this just artistic license by the FX folks? Or was this a subtle yet intentional hint of some sort?

Hey, I said it was a weird observation....
Not only that, but the 'tomb' version of the TARDIS control room is the same desktop theme as the one 'Eleven' recently got. Yeah, it IS a subtle, intentional hint. And a very heartbreaking one.

We're very near to THE END of the entire Doctor Who saga. 'Eleven' is Twelve, and they're sticking to the whole 13-incarnation lifecycle. When Matt Smith finally decides to leave, the next regeneration will be the LAST regeneration. The Last Doctor. An old man. Maybe ginger at last, maybe not. His birth will also see the birth of the fully-formed Dream Lord/Valeyard.

And his very last adventure, on Trenzalore, will be a 'relatively minor skirmish' as Doctor Who episodes go. The last will die as the first did - collapsing on the floor of the TARDIS from extreme old age and sheer exhaustion.

1.>The TARDIS already has all the control rooms stored even ones the Doctor hasn't uesd yet. ("The Doctors Wife"). So just because the room resembled the 11ths current one doesn't mean he changed it several times over and went back to it at some point. Or due to the TARDIS dying that was one of the few still around.

2.>Just because we've seen the Dcotor's grave doesn't mean it wasn't after his 13th life

3.>We don't know when we visited Trenzalore.

4.>Time can be re-written
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