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Look, JarodRussell, all I'm saying is that random moviegoers usually don't care whether some character said something 20 years ago that contradicts another line in the new movie. The only people who mind are those who, like me and, I assume, you, have a working knowledge of Star Trek lore. Moviemakers (and not just those who work on Trek) may attempt to please fans for various reasons, but their target is the largest possible audience, and sometimes this means doing something that will not please fans in order to please the rest of the viewers.

You said the distinction doesn't exist, but it does, just like the distinction between any demographics exists. Different people want different things, and depending on who you're depending on to make your business work, you will try to appeal to them, and usually the hard-core fans that go over minutiae happen to be a small minority.

By the way, I love your avatar. It looks like Arnie is going to kill me.
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