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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

I've been watching a lot of AD this weekend (Might be able to finish Season 1 tonight) and something I noticed was the number of guest stars this season had. In the last few episodes alone we've had Jane Lynch (Probably before she got famous with 40 Year Old Virgin), Julia Louis Dryfus (To me, she's either Elaine or Salina Mayer, so it was weird to see her on this show in a pretty funny role so far) and Heather Graham. Not only that, but Liza Minelli and Harry Wrinkler has had recurring roles through this season too.

As for Season 1 overall, there's been a ton of stuff happening in only 16 episodes so far. Where I'm at now feels like the beginning of the season was a long time ago. It's been hilarious though and looking forward to finally getting around to seeing Season 2.
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