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Re: Capitalisation of I

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
. . . I stopped using cursive in 2nd grade, because I thought it was stupid to have a second, harder-to-read, version of writing.
You stopped using cursive in second grade? Where did you go to school? I didn't even learn cursive until third grade.

Kommander wrote: View Post
When I was first learning cursive in elementary school, the teacher, and several of the teachers that taught higher grades were all like "You need to learn this, starting next year and throughout the rest of your life no one will accept papers that aren't written in cursive!!!" I replied, "that's bullshit. With computers coming into increasingly widespread use, in a few years teachers are going to want typed papers and not accept anything handwritten. So, instead of whatever bullshit waste of time you had planned, you should be teaching us how to type." and then they were like "what did I tell you about swearing? Go to the principal's office!"
You should have told the teacher, "When you said we need to write in cursive, I thought you meant it was OK to curse!"
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