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Could we please finally stop with this "fans vs. general audience" fallacy? It's wrong. It doesn't exist.
Of course it does. By definition, in fact. Many, many people who go see Into Darkness have either never seen a Star Trek movie or series or have not been fans of the franchise. They are, by definition, not fans, and therefore unlike fans they are unconcerned with minutiae and continuity. This is the distinction I am making, and when you make a movie, your principal objective is to make money so you can make more movies, so appealing to the larger set of people who are not die-hard fans is a better strategy.

And when you've been "part of the general audience", and you become a fan of one film, is the sequel suddenly "not made for you", because you are no longer "part of the general audience"?
No, that is a total misrepresentation and over-analysis of what I was saying.

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
When it was revealed that Marcus sabotaged the warp core and stranded the Enterprise on purpose, my first thought was that he intended the Klingons to find what appeared to be a Starfleet ship smuggling supersoldiers into their space, and that that would be the pretext for war. But then it turned out that the torpedoes were live and Marcus did want them to be fired on Kronos, so...
I think the Klingons were meant to find the Enterprise after the torpedoes were launched. Marcus intercepted the ship only when he realised the plan was going sour.

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And they crashed that god-awful ugly Vengeance ship. Good riddance to that monstrosity.
I actually like the Vengeance. I agree that it's ugly, but in the right way. It looks like something section 31 (or the Galactic Empire) would dream up as their version of the Enterprise.
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