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Saw the film last night and really enjoyed it.

Action packed, of course, that's inevitable, but my primary concern, as it usually is with Trek, is how the moral themes are presented, which I think the film did a decent job of doing.

I liked the themes of vengeance and what kind of disastrous consequences it can have and the importance of rising above the desire for pure revenge.

The only thing I really didn't care for was the Spock vs. Kahn chase and fight at the end. Jumping from conveniently placed transport to the next felt really cheesy in a Star Wars prequel sort of way.

Might sound weird, but this film, for me, had the most "Deep Space 9" feel of any of the Trek films. Aside from Section 31, the whole morality of war and what ordinarily "good" Starfleet officers will do in the name of "saving" the Federation was fairly well done.

And they crashed that god-awful ugly Vengeance ship. Good riddance to that monstrosity.

Good film, though, I'd love them to explore something a bit more "out there" and "unknown" in the next film without such a clear "bad guy". Maybe if Abrams doesn't helm the next one we could see that happening.

Sorry, all over the place here. I'm still digesting the thing and need to see it again.
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