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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Seven had the personality of a mother looking for her child, a ferengi I (which was my favorite personality), a Klingon, a child... The scene with Janeway where she turned into the ferengi was great. I laughed so hard! I do enjoy episodes where the actress/tor get to be a different character.
Love that scene!

Also loved the scene where they were going over Seven's logs. Jeri created 3 distinct characters using only her voice. If there were any questions left regarding her ability to act, this answered them.

Least favorite part: I did not care for the mind meld scene. It seemed somewhat pointless. Tuvok really did not aid her, rather B'Elaana stopped the disturbing technology.
I think Tuvok's part was simply to get her to hang on until they could disable the viniculum. Similar to what he did with Kes in "The Gift."
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