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Re: Was ANYTHING retained when the Enterprise was refit?

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Not at all. Shane's Johnson's now out-of-print Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise came up with a very good idea of how the incorporation of new systems led to compatibility problems that required changes in the ship's design to accommodate them. It's definitely plausible that after awhile, a decision was made to redesign the entire vessel. Basically, making it a refit that spiraled out of control.
I'm not saying that the explanation is bad, C.E. I'm simply telling you that the design of the model makes it physically impossible unless they dismantle the whole ship.
Actually, that's what's implied in Johnson's book and I see it as definitely something that would have to be done.
However, if you assume it's just a retcon, the problem evaporates.
It was never really a problem at all as it was presented. It was explained in the movie that Starfleet had spent over a year "redesigning and refitting" the Enterprise and that it was basically a brand-new ship when it was over. But even if just a little of the ship remained here and there within its decks and interior spaceframe, it still could be considered the original Enterprise.
I have Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, by the way, and it's a very nice collection of deck plans, though I don't know how accurate they are. He gets the dates all wrong, however, as he's basically making it up as he goes.
The thing about Johnson's book was that it was written prior to an official date being given to when TOS and the subsequent movies take place. It was also written before people got real serious about whether something was official or canon (it was never declared as either by Johnson).

But at the time, there was more than a little to suggest that TOS took place in the 22nd-Century, while the movies established it was the 23rd-Century. Johnson--along with a few others--tried to reconcile this by moving the dates towards the early 23rd-Century. But as with any tie-in book, it's subject to being overridden by subsequent onscreen material and this is true of more recent Trek reference books as well.
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