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Re: Had we ever seen imperial democracies in Trek?

Gov Kodos wrote: View Post
That was sci, not me.
The appropriate changes to my previous posting have been made to correct my error.

The Overlord wrote: View Post
Is the Romulan Empire a democracy though or a dictatorship?
Should the Romulan Empire in fact be some form of democracy, the question rises as to what part the "non-Vulcanoid" members play, if any. In the old Roman Republic/Empire conquered peoples became Roman citizens, but not at the same levels as the citizens of Rome.

R. Star wrote: View Post
A Senate by it's definition implies elections. How democratic they were ...
Conquered people of the Star Empire might be more than simply subjugated subjects or slaves. Second class citizens might not be able to run for the senate (we certainly never saw any "Aliens" there), but they could have some say in which of the first class Romulans are elected to high office. And at the lower levels of government, the second (third, fourth) class citizens could have some place.

In the movie Nemesis, Data spoke of the Empire possessing castes and a hierarchy.

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