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Count Zero wrote: View Post
Hooray! Welcome to the club.
And of course, having said this, after a night sleeping on it all the dumbass parts of the movie have risen to prominence in my mind. Why the hell did Khan hide the Augments in torpedoes, of all things? And why on Earth did Admiral Marcus know about it, and leave them in situ when he sent them to the Enterprise? (It's the latter that really bugs me; I could just about buy this as a way of Khan smuggling his crew out, since he knew the admiral would want to ship the torpedoes out at some point, but that would require the admiral to not know about it. The way it played out is just dumb.)

flemm wrote: View Post
Actually everyone I saw the movie with was taken out of the film by the Khan "quote" or whatever you want to call it, including myself, though I'm open to reassessing that upon second viewing.
I find myself glad that I knew about it ahead of time; it reduced the impact. It was still dumb, but it was sort of like having already seen it so it didn't seem as bad.
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