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(POLL) Doctor Who Avatar Contest: The 12th Doctor

Okay, so as usual we have a poll with everyone's pick of actors to play the 12th doctor. I was thinking of changing the poll to one vote per person, but I think I'll stick with the three votes.

So basically if you're new to all this, choose your three favourite options and vote for all free in the poll. Ok, here are the candidates!

Idris Elba - Green Lantern

Alexander Sidding - Kai "the spy"

"Frakes" - Orac

Benedict Cumberbatch - Chris3123

Clive Russel - Klaus

Alan Davies - auntiehill

Jason Statham - Mr. Adventure

John Hurt - The Mirrorball Man

Olivia Colman - Starkers

??? - P0sitr0nic

Simon Baker - Venardhi

Adrian Lester - Gov Kodos

Rachel Weisz - Borgified Corpse
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