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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Thirty days

Interesting, I was sure that this was going to be one of those episodes where it appears to start one way, but everything is better in the end. Nope! Not this time.

Voyager finds an ocean planet and aides them in going far under water to get data on want is going wrong with their ocean. The scientist is really afraid that their mining operation is damaging the realm and will eventually lead to its destruction. The data supported this. The voyager crew makes recomendations to ambassador-like guy, but it is apparent that they will ignore the problem. Paris has taken a personal interest in this since it reminds him of his childhood and wish to join the navy, which was crushed by his father. Paris ends up stealing a shuttle and going with the scientist to destroy the mining operations. Janeway was forced to shot at him to make him stop. He was stripped of rank and given 30 days in the brig.

First, I like how the story is retold through his account in a letter to his father. Second, before he started push ups that was my comment to my husband, I found that funny. Third, I loved sevens comment when they were in the shuttle. She said something like she often abides to the collective.

This was a good episode. I am interested to see how Paris' reactions to the crew will be. Basically, he only outranks Naomi at this point. I kind of hope there is a nice sexual joke between him and B'Ellana over this. Oh, and I enjoyed seeing the dellaney sisters!

Favorite part: this was a very serious episode, but not horribly fake or overly dramatic. I look forward to the effects of this episode.

Least favorite part: I am not sure...what do you guys think?
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