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Somebody tell me the Harry Mudd reference. I saw the movie twice and missed it both times.
After Kirk leaves the bridge Sulu tells the shuttle bay to ready the ship confiscated in the Mudd incident last month for departure or something like that.
And in case anybody's wondering, it's from Coundown to Darkness, the comic, which is far less related to the movie than the previous Countdown was.

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I'm all for being faithful to source material, but Star Trek is a franchise that had long before collapsed under its own weight. It had become stale and repetitive. With these last two movies Abrams has breathed new life into the series and brought in a whole new group of fans that never would have considered watching Star Trek before. My friend that I was with now wants to watch Wrath of Khan so that he can get all of the references.
Actually, the amount of references is slightly bothering to me, and has been since Enterprise (or maybe even Voyager's premise), because I feel like they're trying to recapture the glory days of the 60s, which I think is ill-advised. I hope the next one mostly skips references and is fresh and new.
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