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I really liked this film. Sure I have some quibbles like Spock's scream being such blatant homage that it sucked me out of the film (leading my non-trekkie friend that I was with to wonder why I busted out laughing.) As far as big summer action movies go, though, this one is the tops. Sure, Star Trek has always been at its best when it's about larger ideas, but the fact that this one doesn't present itself as an allegory for some current event, or explore the human condition does not change the fact that it is still a damn entertaining film with great special effects, a brilliant score, good performances, and breakneck pacing.

I'm all for being faithful to source material, but Star Trek is a franchise that had long before collapsed under its own weight. It had become stale and repetitive. With these last two movies Abrams has breathed new life into the series and brought in a whole new group of fans that never would have considered watching Star Trek before. My friend that I was with now wants to watch Wrath of Khan so that he can get all of the references.
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