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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Personally, I appreciate the change of focus from the actors to the writers. The actors always seem to be in the center of those extras, even to the point where it feels like I've already heard all the stories they have tell for multiple times. So it's nice for a change to hear from the writers. I like their stories, because those are the people who actually created the universe I love so much, whereas the actors are "merely" the ones portraying what others have written.
I agree. I was pleasently surprised that more of the production team was interviewed this time around. What can actors still say about the seasons, that they haven't yet? "Yes, that was a really good episode" or "Yeah, that one didn't work". Who can blame them? They did those episodes a long time ago. The writers and creative people on the other hand have a lot more backround information about why an episode or season worked or didn't work. I could have listend to an hour more of Ira Behr remembering the problematic production of season 3.
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