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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Infinite regress

I liked this episode. Naomi is a cute addition to the crew, I hope they continue to use her. I always like episodes where the actress/actor get to leave their normal persona behind and act in many different ways. This episode kind of reminds me of data when he had his emotion chip.

Seven had the Borg equivalent of multiple personality disorder. She kept hearing voices from individuals who were taken by the Borg. It is interesting that she now cannot stand multiple voices in her head now, this just goes to show that she is embracing her humanity.

Tuvok mind melds with her to aid her back to sanity, but it was B'Ellanas work on the alien technology that really helped her. Seven had the personality of a mother looking for her child, a ferengi I (which was my favorite personality), a Klingon, a child... The scene with Janeway where she turned into the ferengi was great. I laughed so hard! I do enjoy episodes where the actress/tor get to be a different character. It was doubly nice that they were able to tie it in to the plot and make it relevant to seven's character development.

It was an interesting way to damage the Borg. I wonder if that will ever come in handy?

Favorite part: that seven went to visit Naomi, and that Naomi is over her fear of seven. It is a good omen.

Least favorite part: I did not care for the mind meld scene. It seemed somewhat pointless. Tuvok really did not aid her, rather B'Elaana stopped the disturbing technology.
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