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Re: Dark Territory: Shadow Puppets (Revised)

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Merria Cosmopolis

Giellun Tei inspected the smoking corpse quickly, chastising himself as he did so. He doubted his Starfleet Intelligence superiors would’ve liked his lippy retort to Vorot. They stressed efficiency of action and in the few seconds his taunt delayed him, the Tal Shiar agent could’ve turned the tables.

He thanked the gods that she hadn’t. Rifling through the pockets of her padded uniform, he found the monofilament knife, which he doubtlessly been the cause of most of Lt. Commander Meldin’s grievous injuries. The operative found nothing else of value. For a moment he pondered taking the jacket off the dead woman and either using it to disguise himself or Meldin, but then dismissed the idea. For one, the big charred hole in the center would be a giveaway and two, even if Meldin wore a Tal Shiar tunic his features were definitely not Romulan.

He pocketed the blade , and turned back to Meldin. The Benzite hung limply from his constraints. Giellun smiled as he saw the man’s chest beginning to rise.

Even though he had the information he had come for and would likely be admonished for wasting time reviving the Starfleet officer, Tei was prepared for whatever reprimands might come his way.

He didn’t leave comrades in the field, even those he had never met. Tei hurried to the man and steadied him before releasing his shackles. With a grunt, Meldin fell into his arms. The Benzite’s eyes fluttered open, and they were clouded with confusion then fear.

He tried to pull away from Tei, but Geillun’s grip was too strong. “Who…what…” Meldin said weakly.

“Lt. Commander Meldin,” Giellun replied compassionately, “Welcome back to the land of the living.”

“Who are you?” The Benzite rasped, trying to pull away again.

“Starfleet Intelligence,” Tei answered. Meldin eased visibly and he stopped resisting. “I’m here to take you back to Federation space.”

“No, the High Commissioner,” Meldin shook his head, “McCall.” Tei nodded. He hadn’t been ordered to bring either of them back. And he was certain that McCall’s political position would protect her.

However he didn’t have time to explain the intricacies of galactic politics to the barely sensate man. “She’s already on my ship,” Tei said, deciding to lie instead. “As soon as I get you aboard we can take off.”

“What about…Vorot,” Meldin’s eyes widened in terror before narrowing with determination, “And the guards?”

“The major has been neutralized,” Tei said with relish, “And the Romulan security forces are going to have more to worry about than us in a few moments.”

“You’ve provided a distraction,” Meldin said, strength returning to his voice. His eyes gleamed with an appreciative comprehension.

“Yes,” Tei nodded curtly. “Now,” he hooked an arm around the man’s shoulders for support. “Lean on me.”

“I-I can stand,” Meldin protested.

“No you can’t,” Tei said as gentle as possible. His patience was starting to fray. They were fortunate that no one had checked up on Vorot’s progress yet as it was.

“I can,” Meldin declared, trying to push the man’s arm off. The Benzite stood on rubbery legs all for a few seconds before they gave out and he toppled to the floor.

Tei rushed to catch him before the man hurt himself further. The man fell into his arms. Before Meldin could protest, Tei applied a Vulcan neck pinch.

“Sorry about that,” he murmured to the unconscious man. “But I don’t have time to argue.” He threw Meldin over his shoulders.

Clutching Vorot’s disruptor pistol in one hand, Tei took a deep breath and pulled out his personal transporter. He paused before activating it, thoughts of his daughter Taleirrh and his life on New Athens flittering through his mind.

He had risked all to escape with his daughter and his brother Nveid, after his wife had been murdered by the Tal Shiar. Now he would do so again, turning a quick retrieval of information into a rescue mission. Geillun hoped that his momentary compassion hadn’t doomed both him and Meldin. Once he activated the device the Romulans would know an enemy operative was among them.

“I’ll be home soon,” he promised before dissolving in a crackling haze.
************************************************** ***************

Imperial Romulan Warbird Ra’kholh

Commander Patrin Volok strode onto the bridge of his warbird, an impassive expression masking his inner joy.

Subcommander Tassem stood rigidly by the command chair she had no doubt just vacated before his arrival. The prim woman nodded as the man claimed his seat. “Tassem report,” he barked, covering his glee as best he could.

“Sir,” the woman began, with uncustomary reluctance, “There’s been an incident.” Volok hid his smile behind a frown. Looking down at him, lines of concern wormed their way across her forehead.

“Go on,” his gaze bored into the woman.

“The cosmopolis has been attacked,” she said, her hesitancy giving way to cold anger.

“What?” He asked, nearly jumping from his seat. This wasn’t the news he had been anticipating. After patching things up with Arrue, Volok had been waiting to hear the news that the ship carrying Procurator Harmost had suffered an unexpected singularity breach which consumed all life onboard.

But this…this was expected. “Do you know who did it?”

“Not yet sir, but I suspect the Remans,” Tassem answered.

“Your idle speculation means nothing!” He said, unloading on the woman. He shot out of his chair and strode toward the main viewer. “Patch me through to Merria at once!”
************************************************** **************
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