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Re: Would you use a transporter?

There are many reasons why people buy cars. Having already made the decision to buy one, comfort is, however, a reason people choose one model over another.
But more fundamentally, comfort is the only reason to buy a car over some alternate means of motion, as it cannot do anything more, or more efficiently or affordably or faster, than a suitable combination of the alternatives - it can merely do it more comfortably (including the comfort of providing a compromise package of features from all the possible alternatives).

And faster than walking or riding a bike.
Not always. But the point is, you don't need to ride a bike or have a car because the transporter covers those niches already. In fact, it covers all possible niches - the exact same reason people buy cars today, rather than a combination of train, ship and aircraft tickets, bikes and wheelbarrows.

No, it was not a personal limo.
Nothing in the movie suggests it would have been anything else. A high-ranking person is the only passenger, with servants, and parks in a lot for the privileged.

I don't see that you have any justification for saying that people in Star Trek don't care about energy efficiency.
I just provided it. Perhaps they care - but clearly not enough to prevent transporting, or else they wouldn't replicate, either.

We handle it just fine today.
No, we don't. We destroy cities with it, we destroy planets with it, and still we don't get the comfort we sought when paying for it; instead, we get traffic jams, breakdowns and fuel expenses.

If we got something better (and the transporter is so much better people would kill for it today), we'd ditch vehicles in a heartbeat. And we know that at least our immediate heroes did: they beam home for dinner, they beam in furniture when moving...

As for Dana Rogar's antics, we have to admit that he fooled our heroes time and again. Any statement the heroes make might be completely erroneous as the result (indeed, only Data seems to correctly evaluate what has happened moments ago, while the others are played for suckers). But it would be a tad odd for Rogar to get power to a transporter from the regular socket when our heroes deliberately cut power to it - and a tad less implausible for him to achieve the feat with a portable power source our heroes would be unable to cut.

Timo Saloniemi
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