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Alright, here are my full-on thoughts about the movie.

Out of all twelve films, I rank it as my third favorite. I still think the 2009 film has the advantage in the fun department. I thought Cumberbatch's depiction of Khan was well-executed. I thought to myself, "If there are ever to do Khan again and update him for today's audiences, I think this is what I'd expect to see." For a few moments, I even felt sympathy towards him as he explains himself to Kirk and Spock. I had a little trouble getting my head behind his motivations after he killed Marcus, but it didn't detract me.

I also really liked how the film had dual villains. About halfway in, I remember leaning over to my friend and saying, "Who exact;y is the villain in this movie?" For a short time, anyway, I thought we were just being mislead and it would turn out that Khan wasn't going to be the baddie at all. It was interesting to see Kirk and Khan worked together, too. I was shocked to see that Khan wasn't killed in the end; just captured and put back into stasis.

A friend of mine whined that this was just a pale imitation of The Wrath of Khan. I don't think that statement could be any farther from the truth. What they did was exactly what I hoped they would. I had no problem with them using an existing character from Trek lore, but just don't rehash Space Seed or The Wrath of Khan. Use them again, but do something completely different with them; which they did here. And as a fan, I certainly appreciated and enjoyed that.

My biggest complaint in this one; Karl Urban was once again underused. He had some good moments in this film, but he didn't seem to have a whole lot more screen time than he did in the previous one. I was really hoping to see the Kirk, Spock, McCoy relationship start out in this one, but I guess since they are now going to start their five year mission, some boding time comes out of being in space for so long. But I also have to say: I don't know about the rest of you, Urban's portrayal of McCoy is surreal. He just channels De Kelley so well that there were times when I thought it actually was him.

I think Simon Pegg really stole the show. He was absolutely amazing in every scene he was in. I really love his portrayal of Scotty. He does such an amazing job.

At first, I was turned off by the lines and moments lifted directly out of The Wrath of Khan, but viewing it a second time, I was ok with it. The reverse death scene, I thought, wasn't really needed -- at least with Kirk. Who actually thought (Trekkie or not) that Kirk was going to die. I had the idea later, what if that was Pike in there instead? He did legitimately die. What if, after given back the Enterprise, Pike did, indeed, sacrifice himself to save the ship? I don't know, I thought that would have worked a bit better. The fact that Kirk was brought back using Khan's blood diminished whatever impact that moment had.

But, overall, I thought it was an excellent movie. I'm real excited to see what they do next. The Klingons seem to have been the punching bags in these last two movies. I imagine by now, they must be getting pretty pissed.
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