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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

Watched it again and did like it better on second viewing.

+ Seeing the other Doctors, this might be "cheap heat" as they say in wrestling circles but effective nonetheless. I think everyone's jaws must have opened during that opening scene.

+ Some find him annoying but I loved Strax and all his funniness

+ Like why the Doctor chose his name

+ The Tarantino introducing credit worked for me

- I know it shouldn't bother me after the cell phones and other things we've been introduced to but the time traveling trance was rather ridiculous. This bothered me less on second viewing but really irritated me initially.

+ Liked Clara tossing the trance candle

- Given the risk, I didn't really buy the Doctor going to Trenzalore. Is he really going to sacrifice billions for those three people, however beloved?

- Going with that, it seems he was ready to sacrifice them and then River intervened. As I mentioned upthread I still don't get that, she determined it would be better to sacrifice everything?

- Again, not as bad on second viewing, but at this rate the next companion is going to *be* the Doctor. Just how important do we need to make these characters? I thought for sure people were going to gag at Clara saving the Doctor throughout time but I haven't heard much there. Had it been Rose I think the internet would've exploded.

- Like the trance, you can just jump into the timeline? OK, I'm watching Doctor Who I just need to go with these things... I think the moment was undercut a little because what else could she do at that point? The decision was rather moot at that point.

+ The story was quite watchable despite my misgivings.
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