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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

Unlike Wrath of Khan, which is a moronic, nonsensical movie with a short-sighted idiot as a villain, I took STID's Khan seriously and he actually acted intelligent and dangerous unlike Montalban's.
I wouldn't use your adjectives but I never understood the love that TWOK received. Except for the last scenes the rest of the movie IMHO was lacking and to take a weak villain from TOS was lame (but hey, that's what some are griping about STID!).

But to my review of STID... I laughed, cried and was awed. I think the plot was well chosen, it gave old fans some familiarity but it also turned it around, in more ways than one. I see no fault in cherry-picking from another ST movie since many of the movies borrowed some from TOS to keep the fans interested. The alternative timeline means anything goes.

Tried to stay away from the spoilers so my only worry were the reports that Bones' role was pretty diminished. The movie is heavy on the Kirk-Spock bromance - but Bones still gets some great lines (and looks good doing it ).

If you have the funds see it in IMAX 3D .
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