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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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(Spoiler Free) The Trek movie franchise was in trouble. JJ Abrahms has made it a commercial success but at the cost of the Trek vision of social utopia.
I'm not sure the latter is that great for the franchise. Maybe in the 60s and 80s it was relevant, but these days, I don't know. We should also distinguish between the Trek movies, which have almost always been more action-oriented, and the series, which can afford to expand on more complex themes.
Of course it's relevant. It's one of the key things that makes Trek different from so much other science fiction and space opera--the idea that the future will be better that the present, that technology is not something scary but can be friendly and free humanity from the drudgery of working just to survive. If that goes away, then I don't really know what makes Trek anything special at all.
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