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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

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The uk are talking about pulling out of it next year can't say I blame them
Meh, maybe the UK should actually take it slightly more serous then. Ie not having some douchy "comedian" "rip the piss" on every broadcast year after year, not put in no hopers/washed up/never weres as their contestants and give them some good songs, and then maybe, just maybe, they will do a little better. We treat it like a joke and then get upset when the contest treats us the same in return.

Besides, there's always talk that the UK will pull out after every year, wont happen.
Or perhaps, the other countries should learn it is a joke.

The question is how many of the winners actually go onto big careers after winning the contest (outside of their own country)?

Who was the last winner to go onto international stardom?

Look at the results of the Big 5, the UK was what 2nd best out of the big 5 and the UK placed 19th.
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