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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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Something I've noticed: Abrams has pretty much dismissed intercoms and desktop communications terminals in favor of using the handheld communicators for pretty much all person-to-person communications purposes. Guess it makes sense since eventually the TNG-era shows effused the shipboard intercom system in favor of just using the commbadges for that sort of thing.
Didn't Pike ask Chekov to begin ship-wide mission broadcast, and the message was broadcast on screens (Kirk views it on a screen) in ST09? And again the intercom was used by Kirk when Spock stepped down after becoming emotionally compromised.

And in STiD, Kirk used the ship-wide intercom. So, maybe there would be a movement toward using combadges, but intercoms haven't been dismissed by Abrams. At least, not yet.
Right, but, and I probably should have italicized that part for emphasis, I'd posted that person-to-person communication in and of itself was being wholly handled by the handhelds. Yeah, if they needed to speak to the whole crew at once they used the intership, but whereas in previous productions they only used the handhelds when off-ship, now their use is more widespread.
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