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I think Into Darkness is smarter than people give it credit for, but I wouldn't call it cerebral.
It makes you think. Especially about the nature of terrorism. And the ongoing "Nature vs nurture" theme, from the previous film, via Pike and Kirk's confrontations in the latest one.

How much more thinking do we need?
Well you question was whether the Cage made you think more. My answer is yes. I don't think ID makes you think that much, although I did say it makes you think more than people give it credit for, so that's something. I actually think we kinda agree, here.

Cerebral is a misnomer really. In regards to The Cage, it's simply what the studio called it, ie: not enough gunfights and action, and too much talking not that it was too "smart". The issues in The Cage were perhaps less compelling than the ones in STID are to us in 2013.
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