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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Must admit, I'm loving the VAM on these sets. As if the vastly improved PQ and AQ wasn't reason enough to buy, these extras are superb.

Production design folks next isn't it? Can't wait to see what will be coming on the Seasons 5-7 sets.
I watched parts I and II of Assimilating The Next Generation yesterday and I actually feel that the extras on season 3 focus too much on the writers and the turmoil in the writers room. You've got the writer's room reunion, the Michael Piller tribute, multiple audio commentaries featuring writers.... Where are the actors? I hope that in future seasons the actors take center stage again or at the very least there'll be more of a balance between interviews with production staff and actors.

If there is one /only one thing I do not like about S3 set is that the VAM is basically a single shoutbox for the writers. Don't get me wrong, good writers are the flesh and blood of a good show and its good, important, interesting and fair to showcase also this aspect of production.

But sometimes too much seems to be too much.

I would have prefered a little variety, maybe splitting the writers stuff scross multiple seasons and bringing in actors, makeup artists, VFX artists etc., especially focusing on the stuff of this season as there are was a major production values increase in S3 as it seems.
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