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Re: What did Kruge's dog die of?

Tiberius wrote: View Post
And my point is that we can't say that Kruge's pet wasn't a targ simply on the basis that it didn't look like the other targs that we saw.
As I said earlier, this is the same debate that unfolded here a few years ago. The creators of Kruge's pet - and the jackal/mastifs of ST VI - were based on canines. The targs of TNG and ENT were based on pigs.

The canine-like creatures have paws. The ERTL toy has paws.

The pig-like targs have trotters. The Playmates and Meanie Beanie toy targs have trotters.

Of course, the word "targ" may simply mean "pet". We cannot make a definitive ruling as we have incomplete information.
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