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Re: Capitalisation of I

^^ Coincidentally, "ASCII" is the Roman numeral for "1934."

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The personal pronoun I is capitalized to differentiate from the math symbol i.[citation needed]

Back when the Rules of Etiquette were established, it was considered socially unacceptable to refer to oneself as being a number or imaginary, rude to refer to oneself as the square root of anything, and extremely rude to refer to oneself as the square root of a negative number. Also, people were offended by math in general back then.

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I'm kinda jealous of the writing samples here. I rarely used cursive, but my printing was excellent due to an old-style drafting class. Which also gave me the tendency to write in small caps--imagine that. But, over time, my printing lapsed, to the point that I had a hard time reading my own printing.
I stopped using cursive in 2nd grade, because I thought it was stupid to have a second, harder-to-read, version of writing. My teacher was furious, because I was precociously smart and she couldn't understand why I would rebel over anything to do with writing. But I was also very eccentric and stubborn. Imagine.

As for my signature, it's basically "First letter of first name, scribble, space, First letter of last name, scribble." I'm ashamed of it.
Actually, my signature is like that, too, but it's very aesthetic. I spend years working on it as a teenager; as an artist, I wanted it to look good-- my goal was to have something that would look at home on the Declaration of Independence.

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^ While it is commonly believed that Roman Numerals were created by the Romans back in Bible Times, they were actually invented in 1934 for use in dating films. The stencils used to create the credits at the end of movies did not contain numbers because of a patient issue.
The patient was George Roman, who held the patent on numeric fonts. He was admitted after suffering a nervous breakdown while trying to find the end of pi.
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