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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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Question: Which original stories were the archival shots that Clara was retconned into taken from? The only one I know for sure is Pertwee Driving Bessie in "The Five Doctors".
First Doctor: Not sure.
Second Doctor: The Five Doctors.
Fourth Doctor: The Invasion of Time.
Fifth Doctor: I'm not sure but I want to say either Four to Doomsday or Resurrection of the Daleks.
Seventh Doctor: Dragonfire.
First- The Aztecs, though his line is from The Web Planet
Second- The Five Doctors
Third- The Five Doctors
Fourth- Invasion Of Time
Fifth- Arc Of Infinity
Sixth- none, it was an extra wearing the costume
Seventh- Dragonfire
Eightth- None, it was an extra wearing the costume
Ninth- None, it was an extra wearing the costume
Tenth- Silence In The Library
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