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I loved this movie and there were plenty of things to talk and think about in it but in no way would I call it cerebral.
I wouldn't call any of Star Trek "cerebral". We first heard that term in reference to Star Trek in lectures by Gene Roddenberry, explaining how "The Cage" was originally rejected by TV executives. They wanted less things to think about and more action.

Were there really that many "thinking" issues in "The Cage" than in "Into Darkness"?

Was there really that much more action in "Into Darkness" than in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"?

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Garrett Wang ‏@GarrettRWang
As far as action and entertainment value go, the new film has no peer at the box far as story goes, it needed work...

Ok, I don't know what to make of this. The star of the episode "Favorite Son" says the STID story needed work...
Garrett Wang needs more work.
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