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I decided to go see it after all. And it turned out to be a giant, steaming pile of holy crap that was really damn good possibly great WTF I was not expecting that. Which is weird, because this was stylistically and tonally very similar to Trek '09, which I hated. Yet STID somehow...worked, even with it's problems. Abrams' and co. brought moralisitc speachifiying and clumsy political allegory back, and damned if that didn't make it feel like the Trek I remember, only better.

Something I don't recall seeing anyone comment on: the humor was much better this time around. Gone were the punchline driven gags and dumb "huge hands"-styled physical Komedy (!!!1) and in its place was more character-based humor. Kudos to the team; I really appreciated it.

I suspect the story is going to come unraveled in my memory the longer I think about it, but as of right now, fresh out of the theater, I'm satisfied in a way I wasn't after seeing the prior film. So. Yeah. Movie good. I liked it.
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