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Re: Had we ever seen imperial democracies in Trek?

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Is the Romulan Empire a democracy though or a dictatorship?
Debatable. Neral described himself from humble orgins and he rose from a "lowly guard" as he described himself to both Proconsul and Praetor. Which would be Head of Government/State respectively I believe.

But that can mean anything, Hitler was just a private in WWI and was an unemployed artist for a while, that did not stop him from becoming dictator of Germany. Not all dictatorship are carved from the elite of a society, sometimes someone with enough guile and political skill can rise through the ranks and achieve a position of power. Stalin used his position as head the bureaucracy to out maneuver Trotsky and take the leadership position from him and before the revolution Stalin was nobody and right after he certainly did not have the same prominence as Lenin and Trotsky. One can rise through the ranks of a dictatorship, even through humble beginnings.
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