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Re: Post here if you actually loved this movie!!

I've been avoiding this bbs for months because I was terrified of spoilers.

I lucked into free passes to an advance screening last Wednesday. Now I wanna go back and pay to see it again. I was not a fan of the 09 Star Trek. I wanted to like it, and I gradually came to appreciate it a little more with subsequent viewings, but I remember sitting in the theater and getting this sinking feeling, like a balloon with the air being let out. I had the complete opposite reaction this time around. The previous movie just didn't totally feel like Star Trek to me, but Into Darkness did. When the movie was over, one of the first things I said was, "There was a lot more Star Trek in this Star Trek movie." I get the sense the writers must have taken some of the criticisms fans had and set out to address them with this movie. This is undoubtedly the most action packed Star Trek, but at the end of the day, it really feels like a reaffirmation of the ideals that are at the core of the franchise.
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