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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

This episode really needed more lead-in for it. Would have liked to have seen the Whisper Men before this.

The opening sequence had me TOTALLY geeking out. That was amazing. We got to see the ORIGINAL Doctor stealing the Tardis!!!! And then we got cameos of all eight original doctors!!! Total nerdvana!!!

The rest of the episode was a little too quick and easy. We just hop right to Trenzalore. The Great Intelligence shows up and gets right to what he wants. And the big solution is just to jump in a light. I was hoping for something more clever.

It was great to see the Tardis at its true size. Though I would have liked to have seen sections asymmetrically jutting out of the police box shape...

And, having spent a season building up the true name of the Doctor, and calling this episode "The Name of the Doctor"... I find it a bit of a cheat that we don't learn his name.

Unless his name was "Please". That's what he said. Doctor Please. And looking back on it, don't people say "Doctor, please!" all the time?

I was really hoping the figure at the end was Tennant. Oh well. It seems to me that Hurt is the Valeyard, but I haven't seen that episode yet I've only read of it. I am glad that this episode lead into the Anniversary Special.
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