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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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Something I've noticed: Abrams has pretty much dismissed intercoms and desktop communications terminals in favor of using the handheld communicators for pretty much all person-to-person communications purposes. Guess it makes sense since eventually the TNG-era shows effused the shipboard intercom system in favor of just using the commbadges for that sort of thing.
Didn't Pike ask Chekov to begin ship-wide mission broadcast, and the message was broadcast on screens (Kirk views it on a screen) in ST09? And again the intercom was used by Kirk when Spock stepped down after becoming emotionally compromised.

And in STiD, Kirk used the ship-wide intercom. So, maybe there would be a movement toward using combadges, but intercoms haven't been dismissed by Abrams. At least, not yet.
It is a fact in your opinion.
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