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Have cultural standards gotten lower?

Ok I sat through 2 songs of Kanye West and - what is his talent? I heard someone with rudimentary rhythm shouting into a mic. Hardly a feat.

Later watched a young comedian, and typical of so many twenty-something comics these days - where is the joke? Humor is more than just being "cute," or "extremely offensive." The soporific deliveries leave me feeling sad. How is it any different from listening to a friend who thinks he's clever talking across a table at a cafe? There used to be a word for such banality on stage: hack.

So my question is, now that the Web has shattered the walls of Big Media, and celebrities have become more "one of us" - while we have become "big deals" on the Web - are we becoming more satisfied with less talent?

Like Seven playing to the metronome. No depth, no strength, no character. Just kid brothers and sisters being trotted out. Where's the craft? The heritage? The knowledge of what came before? Where's the dues? The education? I've never enjoyed any famous musician who exhibited less skill than the lowest member of a high school band or chorus. Oh - do they still have those?


You used to need an audio engineering degree to appreciate bands like Pink Floyd.

Comedians used to break a sweat.

Yes, I see the irony of citing pop music and comedy as examples of culture. I do want my point to be understood....

Is it just me or does everything look like it's being shot through a webcam now.

Oh, one more thing: something wrong with saying "Thank You" instead of "Your Welcome" for customer service? I suppose you should be satisfied with any acknowledgment of your existence at all.

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