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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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-Section 31's top secret R&D department beneath London was destroyed. Therefore, transwarp beaming now exists only in Spock Prime's head.
Plus Scotty's.

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If transwarp beaming were depicted as essentially risk-free and completely practical for large-scale use, then that might be a worthwhile objection. Has it been shown to be so?
Well its 2 attempts and 2 successes so far in 2 movies. Comics/Novels don't count. Seems to be ok so far!
Scotty ending up in a tank full of water and almost dying isn't exactly a ringing success (even if the payoff was played for laughs).

Also I am pretty sure the the writers have stated that if they touch it it is canon. So the books and games and whatever else they have a hand in counts. In fact I am pretty sure they reference events of both the comic books and the recent game in the film.
To be fair the comic one can be written off by the fact that Scotty used relays to boost it and had the transporter at Starfleet Academy to receive the beam aka all the things necessary plus some extras for safe transwarp beaming as in the movies the lack of a receiving pad was I believe the main reason it was so dangerous.

In fact it looked like the only reason Khan thought using it was a good idea was that he had an empty place on Kronos with lots of open space to materialize at safely otherwise it would have a suicidal risk to try it.
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