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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

Thanks, but I'm not sure that helps much? We already knew the set was on stage 8, but other than this being the place where their “planet surface of the week” sets were built, there’s still nothing to preclude the possibility that the recreation area was not a permanent “standing” set, tucked away in a corner of that soundstage somewhere?

Now, the adjoining “herbarium” set which we never saw, because it was never built, was most probably going to be a temporary affair of flats and door frames assembled at a moments notice, but then was never really needed, so…?

On the other hand, I can see how the recreation area set could have been cleverly built to be quickly assembled and then “struck” and stored away until next time? Perhaps they just left it up unless or until they really needed the space, at this point who knows?
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