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Re: Zombieland TV Comedy Series being developed

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If they were new characters, it might have had potential. But giving those characters, which barely had any resemblance at all to the origins -- Tallahassee especially, the same names and then just trying to pretend that it was a continuation of the movie was a horrible idea.

That plus Amazon Prime being all but non-existent to a great many people certainly didn't help matters.
I didn't see the pilot, but when I heard about it's failure and I found out that they had recast the roles from the film, it made me wonder if the pilot's harsh reception was due in part to recasting instead of making up new characters. Maybe people would've been more charitable if it had been new characters and there wouldn't have been that instant comparison between the movie and the film, at least from a character perspective.

I think it's a crappy move to blame the fans, or at least say so publicly.
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