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Re: 7X13 The Name Of The Doctor(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS!)

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I believe there are still issues with Universal over footage from the television movie. During the BAFTA tribute, they used a promo image of McGann's Doctor instead of footage from the film.
But didn't they use footage of McGann from the TV movie in The Next Doctor? At the very least, at the end when we see various Doctors running by Clara within the timestream, those were just people in costumes with their faces obscured. Couldn't they have had one of those dressed in McGann's costume.

diankra wrote: View Post
Well, it's a joke about the stereotype of Glaswegians being so aggressive that you can start a fight there by saying 'Hello'. So it's the bit of Earth that feels most like home to a Sontaran (And Steve Moffat is from Glasgow... well, Paisley, but it's a suburb)
Ah, that explains much. Just more regional humour. Now that I know that, it actually makes the scene funny instead of a random WTF moment.

If it was THE Rassilon and not just some nutter calling himself Rassilon why would they need to resurrect him? He wasn't dead. He was put into suspended animation by the other Time Lords.
Well, if you accept The Writer's Tale, then yes, he was that Rassilon. And according to it, the Time Lords resurrected everyone from their past and drafted them into fighting the war.
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