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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hey, I guess I'm new here. I'm 17 years old and just got into Star Trek 2-3 years ago. My dad watched The Original Series growing up, so I started with that (on Netflix). Once I finished TOS and the TOS movies, I moved on to The Next Generation and to my surprise I liked it even more than TOS. I finished all 7 seasons of that and watched the first 3 movies (still have to watch Nemesis). And then in the middle of TNG, I found out about Enterprise and thought it looked interesting. I just finished it earlier this week and can say without a doubt it's my favorite Star Trek series that I've seen so far (haven't seen DS9 or VOY). I'm actually planning on re-watching Enterprise now that I found out about the campaign for a possible season 5. It needs all the support it can get! Also could I link to an Enterprise remix video I made and put on YouTube or would that be considered spam? I definitely don't want to get in trouble on my first day!
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